You Can Store Your Crypto In An Alpine Bunker


Holding large amounts of cryptocurrency can be risky. New solutions appear every day to ensure that your precious coins are safe. If you’d like to take it to the next level, there is an interesting option for you as well…

Two Swiss crypto-entrepreneurs started offering storage space in the Alpine underground bunkers.

“vaults are located deep in the Swiss Alps within military-grade private bunkers. Highest security standards include certified protection from nuclear and electromagnetic pulse incidents.”

It’s reassuring to know that if a nuclear war breaks out – your coins will be safe. Even if you evaporate together with the rest of the World – your Bitcoins will go on.

The Swiss Crypto Vault

The Swiss Crypto Vault was created by Niklas Nikolajsen, a known Bitcoin Speculator, and Philipp Vonmoos, an ex UBS Group AG investment banker. The project aims at ultra-high private and institutional investors. “It’s not millions anymore we’ve been moving to the bunker – it’s the next level,” – Niklas Nikolajsen explained.

Of course, the bunker itself isn’t the only protection. The Crytpo Vault also provides the “state-of-the-art encryption, multi-signing authorization processes and many more security features,”.

“Many banks already have important clients where they simply cannot say no when they ask about crypto investments and crypto financial services – that’s when banks get in touch with us,” – Nikolajsen explained.


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