You Can Purchase A Public Transport Card With Bitcoin In This Country


There are now more things you can do with Bitcoin than ever. More and more businesses realise the potential lying in cryptocurrencies and in accepting them as a means of payment.

Still, it is relatively uncommon to hear that a state-owned company decided to accept cryptocurrency. The lawmakers of a US state New Hampshire have recently announced that they are currently considering a bill to legalise Bitcoin (BTC) as the means of payments for fees and taxes, but we don’t hear this type of information often.

And for those exact reasons, it is great to hear that an Argentinian state public card SUBE (Sistema Único de Boleto Electrónico) now accepts Bitcoin.

A platform where users can add funds to their SUBE cards, Alto Viaje, has partnered with a company providing blockchain-based B2B services – Bitex. As a result of this partnership – anyone can now top their SUBE card with Bitcoin.

SUBE card is used by over 7 million people across 37 locations in Argentina. It can be used to travel by bus, train and subway.

Offering an option to use Bitcoin to such a broad and diverse group of users, especially for something used as often as public transportation, is definitely helping with global cryptocurrency adoption.

Hopefully, we’ll see other countries’ public transport opening up to the idea soon too.


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