You Can Now Feed Chicken With BCH


There are many things that cryptocurrency allows us to do. It brings freedom and a bunch of other benefits along with it. Feeding the chickens wasn’t anywhere near that list – up until now.

On October 25th a live stream went up on Twitch, showing an inside of a coop. By sending $0.50 worth of BCH to the coop’s address anyone can activate the food dispenser and remotely feed the chickens.

The setup was created by Spencer Lambert, who also created the Twitch live stream channel for it. The setup is simple – you scan the QR code, send $0.50 in BCH with the handle “$CHICKEN” and then watch the birds enjoy a meal.

The food is dispensed using an Iozeta cryptocurrency-enabled touchless candy machine connected to the Handcash application. And since the process works based on zero-confirmation transactions, the food is dispensed almost immediately.

Over $300 in BCH was already used to feed the birds since the project went live and since it is still gaining momentum – it may quickly turn into a lot more. We just hope that the next stage will not be raising funds to help the poor birds lose weight…

The live broadcast can be viewed HERE.

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