You Can Now Buy Breasts For BTC ;)


More merchants accept cryptocurrency every day. We recently covered a story of a partnership between Bithumb and Korea Pay which resulted in 8 thousand new merchants accepting cryptocurrency in South Korea. We also wrote about Prestashop teaming up with Coingate, bringing the option to accept crypto to 80k merchants all across Europe.

Now, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange and payment processor, Bitflyer, announced a partnership with SBC Medical Group, a parent company of the Shonan Beauty Clinic. The partnership will allow 74 clinics all around the country to accept cryptocurrency as payment option.

Breast augmentation for Bitcoin

The Shonan Beauty Clinic, operated by SBC, accepts Bitcoin via Bitflyer’s payment platform. The clinic offers a range of services including eyelid surgery, liposuction, dermatology, acupuncture, cosmetic dental, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Some of the doctors working in the 74 facilities across Japan, are very well known.

All of the clinics now accept Bitcoin, but there is a maximum spending cap. The maximum is currently 2 million yen ($18,700).

Bitflyer partnered with many Japanese merchants and keeps on signing up new ones. The company has already signed firms like Marui Group’s department stores, the BIC Camera retail chain and many more.


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