Xerox Patented A Blockchain-Based Electronic File Revision Tracking System


Xerox is a very well known brand in the world of copying and printing. And soon it may also be known for something new, as it was just awarded a patent for a blockchain-based electronic file auditing system.

The technology can detect any alteration made to a file and track the history of all changes made. And since it’s blockchain-based – it is also tamper-proof.

According to Xerox, the technology can help with verification of electronic files in many fields. Tax papers, medical and financial records or educational documents are the areas that come to mind first. Criminal investigation records including DNA test results, interview notes or crime scene photos could also be protected with Xerox’s new tech.

The company describes the technology as multiple blockchain nodes that “can verify a change of document made by other nodes and add a new block to the chain using one-way hashes, making the chain resistant to tampering. If an invalid block is detected, the system can send an auditing alert to the network.”

This isn’t the first time that Xerox filed for a similar patent. In 2016 the company wanted to create a blockchain-based verification system for copies, images and similar data.


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