Would You Pay This Much For A Hardware Wallet?


Safety is the key when hodling your favourite coins. And one of the safest ways to store your precious cryptocurrency is a hardware wallet. There is plenty to choose from in that regard, but there is a lot less choice for those of us, who don’t mind paying a little extra for a premium product.

Trezor is the name that most crypto enthusiasts are familiar with. Nano or Trezor One are some of the most popular hardware wallets out there. And now, Trezor announced its partnership with Gray, a Singapore-based mechanical artistry and design company.

The two companies revealed a luxury aerospace-grade titanium hardware wallet series – the Corazon. The Corazon wallets are based on the same Trezor Core firmware as can be found in the Trezor model T series and come with a USB connector and two recovery seed cards. The new series also works as a password manager and a U2F token device.

Companies announced thee new models of their Corazon series and they are certainly in a different price bracket than the previous wallets released by Trezor. The basic grey-coloured titanium model sells for $696 per piece, while the next in line, the Corazon Stealth will set you back by $996 and it’s limited to only 500 pieces available.

The most expensive is the Corazon Gold version ($1496), which is coated in gold PVD (physical vapor deposition) and limited to only 100 pieces worldwide.

Would you pay over a grand for a hardware wallet? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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