Would You Get Paid In Crypto Rather Than Fiat If You Had The Choice?


Cryptocurrency is here is here to stay – there is no doubt about that. But with the global adoption comes many questions. For example – would you rather get paid in cryptocurrency than fiat, if given the choice?

In July 2018 a human resources startup Chronobank conducted a survey to answer this question. Chronobank has surveyed 445 crypto-enthusiasts from around the globe, including people from Australia, US and Russia.

The results show that 66% of the surveyed would like to get paid in cryptocurrency. Even more (83%) would like to receive their bonuses in cryptocurrency.

What is interesting, is that 72% said they would choose an employer who’d offer an option to receive a salary in cryptocurrency, when choosing their next job.

50% of the respondents believe that being paid in cryptocurrency instead of fiat would help them spend less. Only 19% would actually use the cryptocurrency for transactions or convert it to fiat. This number grows even higher (60%) in the 18-24 age group, suggesting that younger crypto-enthusiasts are more likely to be hodlers.

75% of the survey participants were currently employed, 40% were aged between 25 and 34 years old and a huge majority were male – 92%.


Would you like to receive your salary in cryptocurrency if your employer offered such option? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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