World’s First Real-World, Bitcoin-Only Shop Opened


World’s first crypto-only brick and mortar shop was founded by Derrick J. Freeman and Steven Zeiler as reported by Clients can only pay using cryptocurrencies. If they don’t own cryptocurrency, the shop’s staff will help them download and fund their crypto wallet.

The payments are done via an iPad running free point-of-sale software Anypay.

Free State Bitcoin Shoppe

The Free State Bitcoin Shoppe is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States. It’s open seven days a week and apart from being, well – a shop, it also serves as an educational platform.

“The number one thing we sell is the ‘Bitcoin 101’ class at the Blockchain Institute where people learn how to get a bitcoin wallet, how to send and receive bitcoin, and how to backup their money safely. We also sell bitcoin watches, bitcoin mugs, bitcoin pint glasses, hardware wallets, bitcoin t-shirts, bitcoin socks, bitcoin books, silver rounds, dvds, enigma machines, books about programming and economics.”

– Mr Freeman explained. He also explains how important it is to have a real-world place where people can ask questions:

“They’ve all heard about it from the news, or a friend, coworker, or family member, and they’re curious. They want to know, ‘Is this thing real? Like, are people actually using it?’ And we get the pleasure of pointing them to our huge map on the wall with flags sticking out at every one of 22 locations that currently accept bitcoin in this town of 22,000.”

The shop owners apparently befriended many other businesses around. They also helped many of them accept cryptocurrency too.

What do you think about this? Do you think that there should be more real-world crypto shops? Let us know in comments!


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