The World Blockchain Forum in Dubai


Dubai is certainly leading the way for cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. It embraces the technology faster than most other countries. Its goal – to be the first blockchain-focused country by 2020.

Between the 16th and 17th April 2018, a World Blockchain Forum (WBF) will be hosted in Dubai. The two-day conference will be a glimpse into the future of technology and finance.

Anything interesting?

The event will host an array of ICOs and speakers from both – Dubai and around the World. Any visitor can expect many exhibits featuring various cryptocurrency-related technologies. Multiple startups are expected as well.

“This is the third year we’re doing the event in Dubai — and the local community continues to grow, and more and more traditional investors are coming out of the woodwork,”

– Moe Levin explains.

What we see in the entire Gulf region is a huge demand for more information and, as is tradition in the region, they are embracing new technologies faster than any other countries, and creating frameworks and regulations to support new companies getting into the space.

The tickets are on sale already. Each gives you an access to the two-day event, catering, access to exhibits and more.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with the described event in any way, but we support it, as it promotes the blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency in general.


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