Why Bitcoin Will Hit $250k By 2022


An investment tycoon Tim Draper said that Bitcoin (BTC) may hit $250k by 2022. After Draper’s prediction made last week, CNBC’s Fast Money’s Brian Kelly supported the prediction only days later.

On April 13th, while replying to a question about Draper’s prediction, Kelly said that it maybe “sounds crazy,”, but we’ve already seen BTC gains of 4000% over two years. Another 3000% return over 4 years would simply be a “continuation of the trend we’ve seen.”.

Kelly also speaks of the increased flow of the institutionalised money into crypto sphere. Large investors may positively impact the volatility and make it easier to use them as regular currency.

Volume is the key

The most important goal for Bitcoin to hit $25k in 2018, or $250k by 2022 is for the overall transaction volume to increase:

“If the number of transactions […] catch up a bit, then I do think we’ve bottomed here and I do think we’ve got a sustainable bull run ahead of us.”

This seems to agree with prediction by the Pantera Capital crypto hedge fund, which predicted that Bitcoin will reach $20k again before the end of this year.

Hopefully the big players, like Rockefeller’s VC arm, Goldman Sachs executive or Soros Fund Management will breath more life into the market. The time will tell.


What do you think about that prediction? Do you think Bitcoin will reach $250k? Or maybe  more? Let us know in the comments below!


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