Vitalik Buterin Was Awarded An Honorary Doctorate


The Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Basel. The information was confirmed on the university’s official website on November 30th.

The honorary degree was granted by dean Aleksander Berentsen, Professor of Economic Theory and Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics. It took place during the “Dies Academicus” annual celebration on Friday, 30th November.

Buterin was awarded for “outstanding achievements in fields of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and the design of institutions,” by the Faculty of Business and Economics. The University of Basel especially noted Buterin’s contribution to promoting decentralisation and “equal participation in the digital revolution.”.

Buterin is very clear on his stance towards centralised entities. In July of this year, he stated that centralised exchanges should “burn in hell”.

Ethereum 2.0

Buterin revealed some details of the upcoming Ethereum network upgrade recently. The “Serenity” upgrade is to connect multiple Ethereum projects collected since 2014. There is no specified date of the 2.0 release yet, but Buterin expressed that it is “really not so far away.”.

Ethereum is a third cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. It was the second until recently, losing its position to Ripple (XRP). Ethereum is currently trading at around $114. ETH achieved its ATH (all-time high) in January 2018 when it traded at $1400.

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