Tom Lee: It’s A “Golden Time” To Be In Crypto


Sometimes it’s hard to keep a positive outlook on things – especially when Bitcoin (BTC) goes down to its lowest price in over 400 days. But such a huge drop also means amazing opportunities.

If you don’t listen to those who keep on predicting Bitcoin’s death (the counter is at 326 times that BTC “died” at this moment), you know that the price will go back up. And armed with such knowledge – you can see the current dip for what it is – a great moment to get some cheap (-ish) Bitcoins.

Tom Lee, a co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors and a firm crypto-believer expressed that the current bear market is a “golden time” to be in crypto. Lee explained that we “have a price correction taking place, which has caused the price to fall even below its 200-day, but if you’ve got time, it will arise. It will not happen within three months, or one year, but in two to three years, and this is the golden time to be in crypto. As soon as Bitcoin crosses its 200-day, we know there will be a flood of money coming.”

It’s hard to disagree. We already had a little taste of what BTC is capable of, as we all witnessed the incredible bull run of 2017. And what is important to keep in mind – this was just due to individual investors’ money.

2019 may be a really interesting year to be in crypto…

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