The Institutional Investors Are Coming. But Not Just Yet.


The almost-legendary institutional investors are every hodler’s dream. We all wait for the huge amount of money that will pump cryptocurrency markets to new, never before seen levels.

And now, thanks to an investor and cryptocurrency bull Mike Novogratz, we have something to look forward to. According to Novogratz – Bitcoin will NOT break $10,000 this year, however – he has some good news too.

Novogratz believes that after reaching the bottom price in mid-September, more time is needed for crypto to gain momentum and take prices higher. He anticipated that the wave of institutional investors we’ve all been waiting for will begin early next year.

“…I think Q1 [or] Q2 [2019] if the institutions start coming in, we’ll put in new highs,” – Novogratz said. He also commented on new solutions being prepared with institutional investors in mind.

“They’ll probably be up and running in January or Q1,” – he said and added:

And then you’ve got to run some water through the pipes, so my guess is you start seeing institutional flows into purely cryptoassets late first quarter [or] early second quarter.”

All we can do now is hope for this prediction to be accurate. Either way – next year should be quite exciting for crypto.

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