The Geon Network’s App Goes Live Today


The augmented reality (AR) is definitely a hot topic now. Giants like Facebook or Apple are investing a lot of money into the technology and they both work on their own AR glasses.

There are many possibilities that AR opens. Creating an overlay of data on top of the real-world view makes amazing things possible. We already got a sample of what AR can do thanks to Apple. The iOS measure app is just a tiny taste of what’s coming.

But it isn’t only up to the tech giants to create the future of AR. Many smaller players are very serious about augmenting our reality – even before bigger guys unveil their “next big thing”.

The Geon Network is a great example of a company with a vision of what AR will become in the near future. Their blockchain-based platform is a foundation laid under a serious AR experience. An experience that just got a lot closer to being fully functional.


The 1.0.0 release of the GeonApp goes live today on both iOS and Android. In this early release, some of the functionalities aren’t available yet, but the early adopters are getting a useful tool nevertheless.

Android –

A current version of the GeonApp allows us to create two types of AR Geon beacons and geomine* them. A Geon with Geon Coins and a “secret message” Geon.

(*Geomining is an interesting idea introduced by the Geon Network. It isn’t cryptocurrency mining in the normal sense, but rather a way to receive incentives for being physically present at a certain location.)

You can create a Geon in a real-world location, set the mining rules and let others geomine it. The rules ensure that whoever wants to get to the goodies you left within your Geon – needs to fulfil your conditions first. It could be as simple as solving a captcha or as complex as filling in a survey. Once the conditions are met – the Geon can be mined.

Secret Messages and Coins

The Geon with Geon Coins is de facto a way to gather loyalty points. The coins do not represent a real-world value at this stage*, however, the Geon Network will reward those who accumulate the most. And if your Geon becomes very popular with miners – you will be rewarded as well.

(*Geon will eventually work based on tradeable Geon Tokens. As an early adopter, you can get some for free HERE.)

The “secret message” Geon lets you hide a… secret message within a Geon. This means that whatever you write in your Geon, miners can only see once they are within Geon’s range and the mining conditions are met. This allows for a brand new way to distribute discount codes or even full digital product keys.

It also allows the creation of interesting outdoor games, where the next clue has to be discovered by reaching a Geon’s location. Various forms of treasure hunts, digital geocaching etc, are all possible in an entirely new form.

What is interesting about the Secret Message Geon, is that it can be used to communicate. Strangers sharing the same location can interact via a Geon. Reviews, comments or information about the place can all be left within a Geon, making it easier for business owners to keep in touch with their clients or club goers to meet and/or share their opinions about a venue.

We’re actually quite excited about the GeonApp. The first release already offers some useful functions and we can’t wait to get our hands on the full version. Judging by the incredible popularity of games like the PokemonGo, we can only imagine what will happen when people hunt actual money instead of fantasy creatures.



The Geon Network’s ICO already gathered $700,000 in the first round of the private token sale. The public sale is scheduled to begin on the 31st January 2019.

Visit Geon Network’s website to participate. And if you’d like to get some free Geon Tokens – get some HERE.


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