Russia’s Ruling Party Implemented Blockchain-Based Voting


There were often controversies surrounding any type of official elections in Russia. But this could be changing very soon, as Russia’s ruling party, United Russia, has launched a blockchain-based electronic voting platform.

United Russia’s updated website now has an added e-voting function. According to the party’s head of IT projects Vyacheslav Sateyev, the votes will be counted using blockchain technology.

“Candidates will be able to fill in their personal pages on this site, including posting news, videos, photos, distributing their pages. The personal account is now integrated with all social networks. We have also made an adaptive version of the site for mobile phones.”

This option won’t be available to all citizens, but only to those, who complete the authorisation process. The aim of the e-voting system is to remove any middlemen and to improve the transparency of the entire electoral process.

Using blockchain technology seems like a no-brainer for any type of voting. A human element can’t always be relied on and blockchain is a lot more accurate, not to mention – quicker.

The primary elections in Russia are used to nominate party candidates for general elections, but any decisions made aren’t set in stone by any means. There were cases of United Russia’s candidates who did not participate in the primaries but ended up running for the State Duma.

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