Russian Hotels Will Accept Bitcoin During World Cup


Kaliningrad is one of the cities hosting this year’s 2018 FIFA World Cup. Local hotels expect guests from 8 countries. The price of a hotel room the night England plays Belgium – $300.

Increasing interest in crypto

The mundial is will take place between June 14th and July 15th. Fans from Belgium, Croatia, England, Morocco, Nigeria, Serbia, Spain and Switzerland are expected to come. Kaliningrad will host 4 of the games.

The owners of local hotels decided to offer their guests an option to pay with cryptocurrency. One of the hotel managers commented that they see an “increasing interest in cryptocurrencies”. More hotels are expected to follow in their footsteps.

As expected – the rates are reaching incredible heights. The prices during the Championship are as high as ten times the regular ones.

The first

This is the first ever Mundial to be hosted with the video assistant referee. It is also the first to be played on two continents – Europe and Asia.

Not the first

This isn’t the first time we wrote about cryptocurrency payments being accepted for hotel rooms. Earlier this month we wrote about a major South Korean travel site, which partnered with Bithumb to allow customers payment in cryptocurrency.
And just a few days ago we covered the German National Tourist Board, which now accepts Bitcoin.


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