Roger Ver: “Future [of crypto] Is Brighter Than Ever”


Roger Ver, CEO and a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) backer, was very bullish on the future of the crypto-sphere while speaking with Bloomberg yesterday (04.12.18).

Ver expressed that despite the current market turmoil, things are heading in the right direction.

“Long term, the future’s brighter than ever; there’s more awareness, there’s more adoption, there’s more stuff happening all over the world,”

And in case anyone still had any doubts, he added:

“Of course I’m incredibly bullish on the whole cryptocoin ecosystem.”

It’s important to note that Ver is a big fan of Bitcoin Cash, which is currently trading at just over $130. This is the lowest price since the coin launched in August 2017 and a drop of almost 33% since November 29th.

When asked to comment on the recent BCH hard fork, Ver explained that “we need to build an economy [based] on actually using cryptocurrencies as currencies rather than just a bunch of speculators speculating,” and added:

“…That’s the goal with Bitcoin Cash, both the SV camp and the ABC camp – and I wish every cryptocurrency good luck if they’re trying to bring more economic freedom to the world by making (themselves) useful as currencies for the world.”

You can watch the full discussion HERE.

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