Old Hydroelectric Dam Will Power Crypto Mining In New York


Eco-friendly mining is definitely a thing now. And now another interesting project is about to go live, this time in Valatie Falls, New York.

“The historic 1-megawatt Valatie Falls dam, originally built in 1983, was purchased in March 2018”

DPW Holdings has successfully completed the work on repurposing a hydroelectric dam into a mining farm power supply. The company is now getting ready to use the dam to power a mining farm it hopes to finish building closer to the end of the year.

“This project provided a unique opportunity for DPW subsidiaries to collaborate and innovate to create a new model for cryptocurrency mining, for which electricity is by far the largest operational cost factor,” – CEO and chairman Milton “Todd” Ault III explained.

“We look forward to bringing this innovative new facility fully on-line during the fourth quarter of 2018.”

The operation will be run via Super Crypto Mining – a dedicated subsidiary. DPW will use its own mining hardware, the AntEater, which was developed back in January in conjunction with Samsung.

New York…

…seems to be a busy destination for mining. Coinmint recently announced that it is converting an abandoned aluminium plant.


What do you think about repurposing old factories etc. into cryptocurrency mines? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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