New Game Offers One Bitcoin For Solving Riddles


One Bitcoin is worth close to $10k at this moment. And this is exactly whats on offer for the first player to solve all 24 riddles inside the new game, due to be released on February 20th.

The first person game, Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma will offer players a world in which they need to solve 24 riddles in order to claim the prize. Once this happens – the game is over and the first player to do it – will receive 1BTC.

The price of the game will be $1.99 and will be available via the Steam platform.

Who is behind it?

The team behind the game wishes to stay anonymous until the winner claims the prize. They claim not to want to advertise Bitcoin, but rather use it as a cool prize: “We are not here to advertise Bitcoin. We think it can be fun to have a Bitcoin as a prize for our game,” they write in the game’s FAQ.


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