Markets May Be Down, But Crypto ATMs Are Popping Up All Over The Place


The crypto winter is definitely on. But there are many signs that show that it has something in common with the actual season – it’s temporary. The Coin ATM Radar published a report, showing that the number of crypto ATM is on the rise, regardless of the market slump.

According to the report, multiple ATM manufacturers opened 209 new terminals globally in November. If we compare it to 68 closed ATMs out of those previously installed, we see that 141 new locations were added to the global crypto ATM map. This is similar to October when 150 new ATMs were installed.

As for the breakdown by country, the US is a leader with 70 new machines. Next in line are Austria (with 17 new machines) and Canada (with 16). This brings the total number of crypto ATMs in the US to 2243. This is still far off the number of fiat ATMs, but it’s nice to see that this number is steadily growing.

Another positive thing is that Albania, Peru and South Korea got their first tellers in November. We are waiting for a day when every country around the world will have at least one machine.

The number of coins accepted at the ATMs around the world increased as well. In November alone it grew by 59%. Bitcoin, understandably, is still the most widely accepted cryptocurrency in the ATMs around the world, with 4042 machines exchanging it globally.

I hope that one day we will see them as often as we see their fiat counterparts.


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