Major Swiss Bank Now Offers Crypto Custody


Keeping your precious coins safe is extremely important. There are plenty of solutions for any crypto enthusiast, but some are a bit more intense than others.

There is “print a paper version of your wallet and hide it” safe and there is a “rent a storage unit in a military-grade private bunker in the Swiss Alps” safe. They both have certain positive aspects to them, but they aren’t exactly the same thing.

Safety was always on the minds of those with something that others wanted. No wonder that there are companies specialising in keeping your precious belongings safe. Vontobel, a Swiss private investment bank has just launched a crypto custody solution for banks, asset managers etc.

Vontobel claims that their digital assets custodian solution, the Digital Asset Vault, is the first in the world to comply with both – the industry regulators and financial intermediaries’ standards.

The Digital Asset Vault allows not only storage but also purchase and transfers of various digital assets. This, in turn, allows banks and asset managers to offer those services to their clients.

The funds are safe due to a combination of Vontobel’s Hardware Security Module (HSM) and bank’s own infrastructure.

You can read the full press release (if you speak German) HERE.


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