London Pub Accepts BTC And Pegs Beer Price To FTSE Performance


Amongst all of the different things Bitcoin can buy nowadays, beer isn’t mentioned much. But are there any available options if you’d like to get a cold one and have only your BTC wallet at hand?

Well, if you live in London you’re in luck. BrewDog, a UK craft brewery, opened a bar in Canary Wharf, where you can use Bitcoin to pay. BrewDog, known for operating a whole chain of hipster pubs, did not disappoint with this new one. The new pub does not only accept Bitcoin as a payment method but actually offers a “special beer tap”, where the price of beer depends on the movement of the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE).

What does that mean? Well – it is quite simple. When the FTSE falls, the price of beer falls by as much %. That of course also means that whenever FTSE goes up, the beer becomes more expensive.

These are truly interesting times we live in, when you check the FTSE’s performance first, before going out for a pint. On the other hand – for those who lost due to FTSE hitting the rocks on the day – at least there is cheap beer available to ease the pain.

If you’d like to visit the new pub, you can find it at Unit 17, 2 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf E14 5RB, London.


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