John McAfee Escapes The IRS And Will Run For President From His Boat


John McAfee – this isn’t a name that needs introducing to any crypto-enthusiast. McAfee makes the crypto news regularly, but recently – there is even more to report than usual.

Last Tuesday John McAfee announced that he has fled the country. He decided to live on his boat to avoid prosecution by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). McAfee explained that he was charged for “using cryptocurrencies in criminal acts”. He continued: “I have not paid taxes for eight years and I have made no secret of it,”. 

McAfee is a presidential candidate for the 2020 election and apparently, four undisclosed members of his campaign were also charged with “unspecified charges of a felonious nature”, along with his wife.

While in exile, McAfee decided to run his presidential campaign from a boat.

“I am running my campaign in exile on this boat for the duration — I will not allow them to imprison me and shut my voice down, which they will do immediately — Why? I am a flight risk. Obviously, I am in flight,”

The IRS is (quite understandably) unhappy with some of the things McAfee said about his taxes and taxes in general. In the first week of January, he told his 890k Twitter followers that he refuses to pay taxes as he “paid tens of millions already and received jack shit in services.”. He also taunted the IRS to come after him, saying “here I am”.

McAfee said that he will remain on the run and will continue releasing campaign videos every day in the meantime.

To sum it up

A man with one of the most recognisable names in both, antivirus and cryptocurrency communities decided to flee the country and run for president of the United States of America from his boat while avoiding being charged for tax fraud that he himself boasted about to hundreds of thousands of followers.

We do not condone breaking the law, but in this case, we just have to sincerely say: Good luck to you, sir!


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