Japanese Buyer Purchased $20 Trillion Worth Of Bitcoin


With the World’s financial markets being digitised for most part, a simple system glitch could cause some major issues.

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif, learned that first hand last week. Zaif informed that a glitch in their exchange allowed customers to purchase trillions of $$ worth of Bitcoin for free.

1BTC = 0Yen

For about 18 minutes on February 16th, Zaif’s users were able to “buy” cryptocurrency for free. The record goes to a user, who tried selling about $20 trillion worth of Bitcoin after he purchased it during the 18 minutes.

It’s not too much of a surprise, that he did not succeed…

The exchange managed to cancel all of the erroneous transactions, after several users managed to purchase the cryptocurrency for, well – nothing.

This apparently isn’t the only reason for Zaif’s users to complain. The exchange’s official Twitter channel is filled with users criticising poor performance and support.



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