Japan – a Land of Bitcoin


Japan is different

Japan leads the way in the East in regards to cryptocurrency adoption. Thanks to government’s “soft” approach and some major companies starting to move towards paying salaries in Bitcoin – things really took off in the Land of the Rising Sun.


Japan announced the acceptance of Bitcoin as legal tender back in April 2017. This instantly showed a positive attitude of the government and helped speed things up. The involvement of large companies coupled with the security that the government approval and media provided – brought many new people into the cryptocurrency market.

Not much choice

Ultra low interest rates offered by the central bank left many Japanese without much of an alternative to put their savings to work. Mai Fujimoto (aka Miss Bitcoin) boasts how she converts all of her disposable income into cryptocurrency instead of keeping it in the bank. This is certainly one voice, which echoes around the country.

Is it a temporary hype or a beginning of a revolution? Let us know what YOU think!


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