Italy Published A List Of Experts That Will Help It Integrate Blockchain At State Level


Italy joins a steadily growing list of countries developing a state level blockchain integration. After four months of consultations and hiring, Italy just published a list of 30 blockchain experts that will help it implement the technology.

The group will advise authorities for free in an attempt to create a national blockchain strategy.

“Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, are bound to fundamentally change our lives, the society we live in and the economic fabric of our country.” – said Luigi Di Maio, deputy prime minister of economic development.

Each of the 30 listed experts comes from Italy. Among them are Gian Luca Comandini of the Assobit trade association, Angiolo Giorgio of Italtel and Marcella Atzori from the Blockchain & Society Policy Research Lab.

Italy is yet another country that aims to embrace the distributed ledger technology. Apart from the obvious ones, like Switzerland or Malta, several other states also see their future connected to blockchain. France, for example, recently announced that it will invest €500 million in blockchain over the next 3 years. Multiple other countries are already trialling various blockchain applications. Australia is currently testing blockchain for its citizen disability payments.

The US may soon be joining those countries, as the bills supporting the development of blockchain technology may soon be introduced.

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