It Went Up By 160% While You Were Drinking


“The markets are down – you just have to wait through it and HODL” – this is something you probably heard many times over the past 9-or-so months. And there is some truth to it. Selling isn’t a good idea if you’re holding since last year, or even since few months.

But that does not mean that there are no great opportunities out there at the moment…

Saturday night – people party, people chill. People get drunk. But not all people – some people are hunting. Yes – there are great opportunities out there to be spotted and one of them appeared on last Saturday night.

VIBE is a currency of the VIBEHub, a Crypto Based Virtual/Augmented Reality Marketplace & Hub. And VIBE shot up by nearly 160% (from $0.034 to $0.088) since Saturday evening. It is actually still going up at the moment this is being written – it may stop any moment now or it may correct big time. But whoever reacted on Saturday night – should already be happy enough.

So yeah – some people get drunk on Saturday night while some people make money. Which group are you in?


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