Interest In Cryptocurrency vs Interest In Blockchain


Cryptocurrency prices aren’t spoiling anyone this year. We no longer witness yet another ATH (All Time High) price being broken almost every week.

Many believes that this is a good thing as it helped push out some of the speculators. The situation right now is certainly not for the weak hearted.

The interest in cryptocurrency-related jobs seems to have taken a hit too. Search for “Bitcoin” peaked at 39 per million in the second week of December 2017. It dropped by 76% since then. Searches for “cryptocurrency” fell as well. Here the drop isn’t as high – 41%, according to the Indeed Hiring Lab.

Blockchain is holding strong

The situation seems a lot more stable for “Blockchain”. The interest holds at a steady 47 searches per million. This is a very positive sign. It clearly shows that the interest in the underlying technology is immune to the prices of the cryptocurrency itself.

Despite the markets being cautious of the new player, cryptocurrency,  the interest in Blockchain applications is high. And with (almost daily) news of more companies looking for Blockchain solutions – it is most likely going to hold its ground.

To name a few: we recently covered the “Blockchain Innovation Center” being built by Fujitsu in Belgium. We also described a Blockchain patent filed by Ford.

Blockchain is here to stay. And its good to see that this isn’t only our opinion.



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