IBM And Seagate Will Use Blockchain To Fight Counterfeit Hard Drives


IBM is very active in the blockchain technology development area. It is second only to Chinese Alibaba regarding the total number of blockchain-related patents filed.

Now IBM and Seagate have announced a partnership to use blockchain technology in a fight against counterfeit hard drives.

The project will use IBM’s Blockchain Platform to help with better authentication of the hard drives. Each drive will be assigned a unique identifier at the time of manufacture, that can be used to identify the unit at any later stage.

“The ability to […] combine blockchain with advanced cryptographic product identification technology […] signals blockchain’s potential to reimagine the electronics product life cycle management processes. Counterfeit electronics components are a global issue that requires an ecosystem-wide effort to address.” – Bruce Anderson, IBM’s global managing director of electronics.

The solution is supposed to help with product assurance for clients while reducing a data loss risk. It will also lower the warranty costs increased by inferior quality counterfeit hard drives.

This is yet another blockchain application that aims to help verify the origin of products. Shanghai-based VeChain applied blockchain to verify the origin of wine, however, the technology is also used to track various conflict resources.


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