HODL, Moon and Lambo. Bitcoin By John Oliver


John Oliver is a person most people have an opinion about. Some love him, some can’t stand him. There probably aren’t many, who are completely indifferent.

Last Sunday evening, during the “Last Week Tonight” show, John Oliver spent nearly half an hour talking about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Now – since this is a comedy show, we wouldn’t recommending using the material as a teaching tool, but he did do a pretty good (and funny) job in touching on most crypto-related subjects.

Last Bit Tonight with Block Chainiver

For most people with even basic cryptocurrency knowledge – this was simply an entertaining piece. Oliver mentioned blockchain, Bitconnect, pump and dumps and companies renaming themselves to include word “blockchain” in the name. The host then declared that his show would be called “Last Bit Tonight with Block Chainiver” from now on.

In between making fun of a hyper-enthusiastic Bitconnect investor, and Oliver’s own office colleague, Dan, he did manage to slip few interesting facts in. He did a pretty good job on giving a general explanation of what blockchain is. The chicken nugget metaphor for blockchain’s security may potentially cause some very disturbing dreams for some of us, though.

You can watch the full thing below. Please comment and let us know what did you think about John Oliver’s take on cryptocurrency.


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