Happy Birthday Bitcoin


Bitcoin celebrated birthday today (04.01.18). It just turned nine.
The original genesis block was mined in 2009 and what a ride it’s been since…

Most of 2017 had been a bullish ride for Bitcoin, with the $20,000 high marking the beginning of a correction shortly before Christmas. It is currently hovering around the $15k mark with a slightly upward trend. Traditionally the time around Christmas is when many various assets lose value, so we can stay positive about the overall upward trend.

Lets remember that Bitcoin started the year around the $1000 mark, meaning that it increased in value by around 2000% at the peak point in mid December.

So what’s next?

With various opinions about Bitcoin’s price heading towards $1MIL – 2018 will certainly be a fun year to watch what happens to our favourite currency.
Happy Birthday Bitcoin!


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