Get them while they’re cheap!


The second day of markets in red gives an opportunity to buy, not to be missed.

Bitcoin dropped below $10,000 according to Cointelegraph’s price index on 17th January. At the same time Ethereum (ETH) went below $900. This shows a price drop of 30% for both coins.

A pattern?

According to historical data, Bitcoin sets it’s annual low during the second week of January:

2015 – January 15th
2016 – January 16th
2017 – January 12th

It isn’t only Bitcoin, which experiences steep discounts these days. Last week many altcoins were at their all time high, while today – they are far from it.

The sudden drop in price fuels media speculation – the main one being that “the Bitcoin bubble finally burst”.

What we have to do now, is wait and see if the largest cryptocurrency of them all, will stick to it’s yearly, January pattern.


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