Futuro Launches its own P2P Mining Pool


It has only been few days since Futuro coin (FTO) joined the worldwide cryptocurrency team. The coin is based on the blockchain system with all details available in the white paper.

Now the P2P mining pool had been opened. There is no need to register, as the pool is opened to anybody. It is also cost-free.
All you need to do in order to start mining the FTO, is to configure your miner to point to FTO’s P2P node at:


Login: your Futuro coin wallet address
Password: not needed (you can type in anything you wish)

The important thing to keep in mind is that the FTO’s hashing algorithm is X11, so it must be supported by your machine. Also – it is advised to connect machines with at least 1GH/s to have any reasonable shares. Unfortunately you can’t mine FTO with a regular computer.

The pool statistics can be found at http://pool.futurocoin.org/static



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