France May Invest €500 Million Into Blockchain Technology Over Next 3 Years


If you have even basic understanding of what blockchain technology is, you most likely already see that it is the future. More and more companies all over the world are discovering new ways to implement it, to improve their services and make them more secure.

Various countries begin to understand the importance of this new technology as well. France, for example, may soon become a “Blockchain Nation”, as some members of the parliament are pushing interesting initiatives forward.

According to a local news outlet, Les Echos, some French politicians are pushing for €500 million to be invested into the state-level blockchain deployment over the next three years.

“2018 was the ‘year zero’ for blockchain popularization in France. 2019 should be the year that ecosystem emerges,” – said co-author of the project, MP Jean-Michel Mis.

“The idea takes the shape of pumping in €500 million over three years.” – he added.

Authors of the project also call for France to become a friendlier place for cryptocurrency miners. “We should have our own mining farms in France,” – Jean-Michel Mis stated.

One of the proposed ideas is to “recognize cryptocurrency mining as an electro-intensive activity”, which would allow private miners access to lower energy rates.

Time will tell if France manages to catch up with countries like Switzerland or Malta and their friendly stance towards cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.


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