First IOTA Smart Charging Station Built


The first IOTA charging station is now built and located in the Arnhem Buiten business park. The site contains various types of charging stations that are already used in Netherlands. A fast charger, two charging lanterns and a charging island are available alongside the IOTA charger.

IOTA Tangle is a type of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) created for the Internet of Things (IoT) environment. It’s an open-source protocol running Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interactions. The protocol includes secure data transfer and fee-less, real-time micropayments. The IOTA charger operates autonomously and there is no need for a charge card nor subscription. The meter values are stored in the Tangle every 15 minutes, which ensures reliability.

The payments and data exchange happen fully autonomously and machine to machine. If the car isn’t equipped with the needed hardware and software, the charger can still be used. In such case, the IOTA tokens can be sent directly to the charger from a normal IOTA wallet.

The future of charging

The ease of use is a big factor here. All you need to do is plug the car and charge it. If you compare it to the current need of swiping a RFID card (after you sign a contract with that particular provider, whom then have to settle the payment with the operator of this particular charging station) – the difference is huge. And it affects the final cost as well, as the need for different providers dealing with each other is effectively eliminated.

Hopefully this is how the future of charging will look like. And hopefully soon.


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