Facebook Will Launch Its Own Coin?


It’s just a couple of days since we wrote about Facebook’s Blockchain Team. And now, according to anonymous sources, Facebook is “very serious” about launching its own coin.

The news come as a bit of a surprise to many – especially since Facebook introduced a ban on cryptocurrency and ICO advertising earlier this year. It now seems as if the move had more to do with fighting potential competition, rather than improving user safety.

The information is still unconfirmed, but fits nicely with the creation of the Blockchain Team by head of the Messenger App, David Marcus. The choice of Marcus is quite interesting in this context. He was previously involved with PayPal and joined Coinbase’s board back in December 2017.

With the financial experience gathered at PayPal and a large US cryptocurrency exchange, he seems to be a natural choice for a person to introduce a “Facebook Coin” if one is really in the works.

Something BIG?

The leaked news of a possible Facebook Coin come at a very interesting time for the company. A largest leadership change in Facebook’s 15-year history and sudden move towards the Blockchain technology imply that something BIG may really be on the horizon.

After the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal – some BIG changes could certainly help the company. Let’s just hope that should FB really work on its own coin – it will eventually lift the ban on crypto and ICO advertising.


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