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New ICOs pop up every day all around us. Some of them bring real value to the world in an attempt to enrich our lives. 

Others fail to do so. 

And many out of those valuable ones, are valuable in a bit of a “forced” way. They have to convince us of their usefulness. 

But every once in a while an unusual ICO comes about. An ICO, which you just GET. An ICO that inspires you to actually think of ways you could use it in your life.

GEON Network is such an ICO. 

GEON Network describes itself as a “blockchain-based platform, with an Android and iOS App that allows anyone to create Geons – virtual spots that can be located anywhere in the world.”.

So what we’re dealing with, is an Augmented Reality (AR) project, which allows us to create a virtual spot in a real-world location and top it up with Geon’s cryptocurrency (via crypto or FIAT) which can then be withdrawn by others in a process called geomining. 

In order to geomine currency from the existing Geon, you need to be present at that location and within the distance set by the founder of that particular Geon. You also need to use the Geon app, which will allow you to actually see the geons in real-world locations, using AR. 

You can set who can see or geomine from your Geon, when they can do it, at what speed and what conditions do they have to fulfil to be able to begin mining. 

The entire process is based on smart contracts and safely stored in blockchain to ensure that nobody can interfere with it. GEON Network aims to be the first ICO fully licensed and compliant with the European and US laws. It has partnered with Pegasus Fintech and Ramparts European Law firm. 

So what does all of it mean? Well – it simply allows you to safely (and instantly) move funds to any place around the world and set the conditions under which other users can access those funds. The potential of this idea is HUGE. 

Imagine that you want to attract more clients to your shop. You could pay an agency for promotion, or create ads yourself. Or you could set up a Geon in your business, pre-set the conditions that (for example) every client coming in on that particular day can mine $2 in cryptocurrency during 10 minutes, within a radius of 20 meters. All users will see your Geon and those in the area may want to come and check it out. 

Or maybe you’d like to conduct a market research and need users to fill in a questionnaire. You could set a Geon up and set the conditions you want. For example: any user who fills the form in, will receive $2 in cryptocurrency while at your shop. 

Would you like to conduct a global, location-free, survey? GEON Network allows that as well. In such case users won’t need to be present in a particular location – they can access your survey from any place around the world and get compensated. 

GEON Network will also allow personalised Geons, so you could have a pizza-shaped Geon for your pizzeria, car (or wrench) shaped Geon for your garage, coffeecup Geon or pretty much any other shape you can imagine. And in the future that will even include a Geon shaped like… you.

For marketing ideas – sky is the limit. But this is far from all you can use this technology for. Unless you just woke up from a coma, you probably heard of Pokemon Go and the massive success it enjoyed. People were going nuts to “catch ‘em all” and entire cities were full of people following their phones into the weirdest locations. 

Now imagine what will happen when it won’t be about fantasy creatures, but actual MONEY instead. Plus – GEON Network is decentralised, so anyone can create their own games and select their own locations – unlike the Pokemon Go. 

But marketing and games aren’t all. With GEON anyone can support any cause, anywhere around the world. You could set a Geon up in a place which, in your opinion, really needs it. It could be a wildlife sanctuary you visited while on holidays and decided to support, or maybe a school in a less fortunate country. 

The speed and ease of use also means that help can be instantly provided anywhere on the planet. You could set a Geon up in an area struck by a natural disaster – or join in and support a Geon someone else already placed there. 

Why use a charity and pay for its running costs if you could reach those in need directly?

The beauty of GEON Network lies in its simplicity and limitless potential. There are as many use cases as there are people.

Huge companies like Apple, Google or Microsoft, are spending massive amounts of money on the Augmented Reality technology. And it seems that once those big players really enter the market – GEON Network will be ready to welcome them.

It’s been a long time since we got so excited about a project. And GEON Network DID get us excited. The word “revolution” is massively over-used, but if GEON Network will successfully deliver what they promise – we may actually see one.

Visit geon.network for the white paper and more information.


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