Europe Will Use Blockchain To Fight Fake News


Fake news are an issue – there’s no doubt about that. And Blockchain technology seems like the right tool to deal it with that issue. The European Commission (EC) included Blockchain in its framework to fight spread of fake news, according to reports.

Blockchain will be a critical part of the EC’s Practice on Disinformation, which will be introduced by summer 2018. According to EC’s press release, Blockchain is one of the technologies “which are changing the way information is produced and disseminated, and have the potential to play a central role in tackling disinformation”

The Commission also added that DLT (distributed ledger technology) can be used in conjunction with other identification processes:

“Innovative technologies, such as blockchain, can help preserve the integrity of content, validate the reliability of information and/or its sources, enable transparency and traceability, and promote trust in news displayed on the Internet. This could be combined with the use of trustworthy electronic identification”

EU and Blockchain

Earlier this year European Commission announced its plan to create a European Blockchain Partnership. It will allow member states to exchange experience and expertise and help with launching EU-wide Blockchain applications.


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