Ethereum (ETH) passes $1000 for the first time


Ethereum passed $1000 for the first time today (05.01.18). The overall cryptocurrency market is quickly approaching $800bln.

Ethereum went up by 42% this year already. Its total market capitalization went above $100 billion for the first time on Thursday. This means that ETH became a third cryptocurrency with a market cap above $100 billion.

Bitcoin still sits at the top of market capitalization despite the growth of other cryptocurrencies. The current price of $15,000 is a 25% drop from the all time high of $20,000 in mid December, giving it $251 billion of market cap.

Bitcoin gained 30% since the lowest price after December’s correction, while Ethereum doubled within the same period. Last year it was Bitcoin, which started the year at the $1000 mark. This year it’s Ethereum.

It will sure be exciting to watch thing unfold.


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