EOS Up By 27% After EOSIO 1.0 Release


EOS coin grew by almost 27% yesterday after the news of 1.0 release of EOSIO. The coin is currently trading at $15,12 at coinmarketcap.com.

EOSIO, a Block.one’s open-source blockchain protocol, was designed for building both the enterprise and “community-driven” level applications.

The implementation of EOSIO isn’t guaranteed to be “free of errors, bugs or faulty code,” and it is advised to use the software at your own risk. According to the post by Block.one, there are no guarantees of it performing “as intended”.

Block.one also announced its partnership with SVK Crypto, a blockchain investment firm, to launch a $50 million fund to support EOSIO ecosystem’s development.

Largest ICO

EOS completed it’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on June 1st. It managed to raise a total of $4 billion over the course of a year, making it the largest ICO in history. The second largest ICO was $1.7 billion raised by Telegram.

EOS’s ICO was criticised over its long-term efficiency and token’s real value. Jason Palmer, Dogecoin’s creator said back in April:

“…[A]ll these people who are excited about ‘EOS launching soon!’ somehow don’t understand that ‘launching’ simply means the code will be available for use. There is no ‘network’ being launched that you can then go and use, or redeem EOS tokens on.”


What is your opinion about the EOS token and its value? Share your thoughts in comments below!


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