Electronics Giant Will Build A Crypto Smartphone


A Blockchain-enabled smartphone, integrating a range of different tokens, is being developed. It will allow users to shop on various crypto-friendly websites and will convert cash to tokens whenever needed.

The Blockchain oriented tech developer and OS supplier Sirin Labs found a manufacturer for their device, as reported by Bloomberg. Foxconn Technology Group is known for manufacturing best-selling gadgets like iPhones, PlayStations or Kindles. Now, it will help with the crypto-phone.

The new device, called the Finney, is going to help securely store and use cryptocurrencies alongside other, related services.


Sirin already raised $158 million in December ICO. This is in addition to $70 million they already raised before.

So far clients preordered 25,000 phones and they will start shipping in October. You will be able to buy the device via one of the eight new stores. They will be strategically located in places with most active crypto communities. Company quoted Vietnam and Turkey as an example. Sirin hopes that mobile carriers will offer the device eventually too.


Sirin says that the phone will handle all coin-related services in an area activated with a physical switch. The users won’t have to use complex address and private key, as the phone will verify their identities via an iris scan, a fingerprint and a simple password.

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