Electroneum Launches A Smartphone That Mines Crypto


There are many different options for crypto-miners out there. You can build a rig yourself, buy a ready one or pick from amongst many different non-standard options. One of such options is a “Crypto Heater“, which heats your home while mining Ethereum. Another option is a crypto-mining smartphone.

Electroneum, a UK-based digital payments company, has announced a launch of a mining-ready smartphone – the M1. The new device will offer Electroneum’s cloud mining technology and will let users mine Electroneum (ETN) simply by using the smartphone.

Additionally – the new device is priced at only $80, making it an interesting entry-level smartphone, especially in developing countries.

In its press release, Electroneum claims that the M1 can mine “up to $3 USD worth of ETN every month”, which can then be used “to pay for services such as mobile top ups (airtime and data), online services or shopping”

The device itself offers “extensive functionality, including 4G and dual-sim capabilities” which can easily be seen as appealing to clients in the developing world. Especially with an $80 price tag.

We applaud the idea as it not only brings an affordable device to areas that may really need it but also promotes cryptocurrency and actually lets people acquire it in the easiest way we can think of.

ETN is currently trading at $0.006943 (coinmarketcap.com) and is ranked 63rd by marketcap ($63.2 million).

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