Dogecoin – From Meme to Billion Dollars


Dogecoin has broken $1bln market cap. When it started as a parody coin back in 2013, nobody could have expect the milestone it just achieved.

Tipping doge

Programmer Billy Markus created Dogecoin with the help of Jackson Palmer, as a “friendly online payment system”. In 2014, Dogecoin took on a face of the Shiba Inu dog, one of the most recognisable dog memes.

It had since become a popular way of “tipping” fellow internet users. It is widely used as a sort of “like” or an upvote for great content shared.

Dogecoin has no limit to the total amount of coins mined. Right now, there are over 112 billion coins on the market. With a price of a single coin hovering just above one cent, the total market capitalization is now around $1,2 billion, so well over 70k Bitcoins.



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