Do You Know How Many Crypto ATMs Are Installed Daily Around The World?


The total number of crypto ATMs continues to rise, despite the current bumpy price ride of most crypto assets. One could think that this number would begin to drop, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

According to the Coin ATM Radar there are currently well over 4000 crypto automated teller machines globally. But that’s not all. Not only is the total number so high, but the current rate of growth has also reached its highest speed class with 5.3 new ATMs installed each day.

This is great news, as it means that the current bearish market isn’t preventing people from investing in new machines.

Not surprisingly, the most ATMs are located in North America (71.8%). Europe is next with a share of 23% of all crypto ATMs. Asia accounts for 2.6% and Oceania (1.3%), South America (1.1%) and Africa (0.2%) close the list.

The ATMs aren’t equally spread within the regions. Hong Kong, for example, accounts for 0.8% of all crypto ATMs worldwide. The leader in Europe is Austria, with an impressive 6.4% of all crypto ATMs in existence located there.

As for the supported coins – there is not much surprise there. Bitcoin is the king, with 99.9% crypto ATMs globally supporting the coin. Still – 64.6% of all machines also support other coins.


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