Can You Find $10,000 Worth Of Cryptocurrency Hidden In Lego Artworks?


Andy Bauch is an LA based artist experimenting on the border of digital and physical worlds. He chose LEGO bricks as his medium of choice because they help in expressing the “pixelated nature of digitisation”.

Anyone can get the private key

His “New Money” painting series combines art with cryptocurrency. Each of the paintings in the series hides a private key to a wallet with up to $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency each. And now for the fun part – you don’t actually have to buy the piece to get the private key. They’re up for grabs to anyone who can crack the code.

Bauch first started playing with cryptocurrencies in 2013, he told Gizmodo during an interview. He considers himself an enthusiast of the technology, but admits that he “wasn’t smart enough to buy enough to have f**k-you money,”. He started integrating cryptocurrency into his art in 2016.

The “New Money” consists of various pieces and each of them “is a secret key to various types of cryptocurrency.”. There are Bitcoin, Litecoin and various other coins in separate wallets. And each is encrypted with a key hidden inside of an art piece.

Each key was initially ran through an algorithm to generate a pattern. Bauch then adjusted the algorithm until he was satisfied with the pattern. Once completed – he tested everything in reverse, to make sure it is possible to decode. And since the pieces are public – anyone can have a go at deciphering the key. There is an incentive to buy though – Bauch said that once someone purchases a piece – he “will give them a hint.”.



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