Can You Find $1000 In BTC Hidden In A Wall Mural?


A French graffiti artist created an interesting form of a “treasure hunt” for anyone interested in getting some free Bitcoin (BTC). In his blog post, Pascal Boyart explained that he created a giveaway to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block.

The Bitcoin is hidden somewhere in Paris, in Boyart’s mural “La liberté guidant le peuple 2019,”, which is based on a famous painting by Eugene Delacroix.

“With the Yellow vests movement who began in the end of 2018, it was the right time to do a contemporary version of the original painting, with a little secret inside: This street art fresco is hidding a Bitcoin puzzle.”

The exact location of the mural is still a secret, but according to the artist anyone can piece the clues together and find it.

The project is sponsored by Alistair Milne, who encourages Bitcoin owners to participate by donating to the project and increase the prize.

Boyart released the public key to the Bitcoin wallet, so all you need to do – is discover the private key. At this moment there is 0.28492509 BTC up for grabs (around $1140 or €1000).

You can read more about the project (and see some images of it) in artist’s original blog post.

If you ever needed some extra encouragement to take a walk around Paris – you’ve got it now 😉

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