Bitcoin Payment Processor Raises $1.25 Million


One of the main issues with cryptocurrencies today is the lack of real-world application. We still can’t use our Bitcoin (BTC) at a petrol station or, for example, at Starbucks. At least not directly.

The good news is – this may start changing soon.

Bitcoin payment processor OpenNode has announced that it raised $1.25 million in its seed round with Tim Draper and his firm – Draper Associates. According to information posted on Medium, the funds will go towards growing the team and pushing for “hyperbitcoinization”.

“While growing our product, we knew we’d need support to have the capability and opportunity to onboard the world. We were extremely fortunate to find everything we need from someone who shares our vision and belief in what OpenNode and bitcoin can become.” – OpenNode said in the announcement.

Open Node published a new version of their website and offers a launch promotion. Any business willing to get on board before the end of the year will get the service for free for the first 30 days. OpenNode is also hoping to push adoption by offering a merchant referral program.

“Our goal has always been to make bitcoin easier than ever.” 

And we honestly hope that it’s a goal you will achieve one day, OpenNode.


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