Bitcoin Mining Farm Discovered In Abandoned Rubber Factory


One of the largest Bitcoin (BTC) mining farms was discovered in a Russian city of Orenburg. Set up in an abandoned factory, the operation was discovered due to unusually high power consumption.

The, still unknown, miners had the farm set up in a closed-down plant and powered it illegally from a nearby transformer station. The initial estimates put the total cost of stolen electricity at 60 million rubles (over $1 million).

Industrial mining

The mining was done with ASIC devices, as opposed to regular video cards. The use of ASIC’s meant that a huge amount of electricity was needed to run the operation. It also generated a lot of heat. Apparently large industrial vents had to be used to extract it.

The red flag was raised, when local utility company’s employees noticed unusually high power usage from a supposedly abandoned plant.

Since large amounts of electricity had been stolen, the person(s) responsible could face as much as 10 years in prison if caught.

Russia is ready

Russian Federation expressed its readiness to welcome cryptocurrency mining investors. With around 40% overall energy surplus in the country, there is plenty to be used for mining. Still – the operation like the one in Orenburg is probably not exactly what the authorities had in mind.


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