“Bitcoin Is About To Explode” – Ran Neuner Of CNBC


We’ve heard of the end of Bitcoin hundreds of times. And recently we’ve heard of Bitcoin finally going “to the moon” – plenty of times as well.

We choose to ignore those who predict the end of the largest cryptocurrency (as such scenario isn’t realistic). We are, however, interested in the optimistic predictions.

Ran Neuner, a host of CNBC’s show “Cryptotrader” and a cryptoanalyst claims that Bitcoin’s price is “about to explode”.

In an October 7th tweet Neuner also wrote: “I just bought Bitcoin for my parents”.

The “explosion” has to do with the upcoming decision of the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) regarding Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) applications. Neuner explained his bullish attitude in another tweet. According to Neuner, the Bitcoin ETF is a “way bigger deal” because it requires an actual purchase of BTC.

Bitcoin ETF could help mainstream investors invest in the cryptocurrency, as they wouldn’t have to invest into Bitcoin directly. This could result in more cryptocurrency recognition amongst the Wall Street investors.

The deadline for SEC to review nine pending Bitcoin ETF applications is November 5th. If that will trigger another incredible bull-run similar to that of 2017 – remains to be seen.


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