Bitcoin Could Reach $10 Million According To Asset Management Firm


With a 13-month long bear market in progress, we don’t hear as many extremely optimistic predictions in regard to the future price of Bitcoin. Most of those, who were happy to make those predictions before, became a lot more careful now.

But there are still some, who believe that Bitcoin will become worth a lot more than it is today. John McAfee made a famous bet that either Bitcoin will reach $1 million by the end of 2020 or… well – let’s just quote him to be exact: “If not, I will eat my d–k on national television,”.

This is a bit of an extreme bet, but it does any hodler make feel good. John McAfee must be VERY sure of this growth prediction if he puts his penis on the line…

McAfee isn’t the only one remaining so bullish about BTC. Asset management firm Lucid Investment Strategies claims that “The bitcoin price could one day reach $10 million, become the new gold standard, and solve the world’s debt crisis”.

We’re not aware of any bodyparts being at stake here, fortunately, but we hope that this prediction will come true nevertheless. In a new report, Lucid explains the road Bitcoin would have to take to reach the $10 million mark. It involves bottoming at $1000 and the “utter decimation” of altcoins and ICOs.

Time will tell what prices we will see over the next few years and if all of those who make predictions today, will still be in one piece then…


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